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Cisco supports Ukraine

Special offers in support of Ukrainian companies and the state

Cisco is on the lookout for customers in Ukraine. For example, Talos has assembled a team of volunteers who detect threats around the clock and monitor networks of critical organizations in Ukraine. They also help manage Secure Endpoint configurations with dedicated teams of specialized engineers and act as defenders within Ukrainian networks.

Below are vendor offerings to support your networks, communications and cyber security.

Cisco Security Emergent license UA

Cisco is extending by 30 days all current security subscriptions that expired or will expire in March/April. 6-month licenses/subscriptions are now open for free access for:

DUO, Umbrella, Secure Endpoint, Secure Email, Firewall Virtual, AnyConnect.

DUO offers all customers from Ukraine full Duo licenses for 1 year in order to strengthen their infrastructure protection. Duo is an opportunity to implement multi-factor authentication of users and devices before granting them access to work with various corporate and cloud programs, secure access during remote work, which is especially important now.

Free Webex service for users from Ukraine

Cisco provides Webex service to any user from Ukraine (regardless of their place of residence) on Annual Starter or Annual Business plans with a 100% discount. The service also includes the CallMe* option for 70 countries worldwide. (*The CallMe feature will connect you to the rally and you don't have to dial a meeting number or enter a meeting ID. Joining will be as simple as answering your phone).

Promo code for ordering – ukraine

Verification is made by entering a credit card from which the money is not withdrawn.

Temporary licenses for Routing products

The fastest way is to provide access to virtual routers CSR 1000V or Catalyst 8000V (the newest platform).

  • Option one, the CSR1000V, is the faster option. We can help you generate them yourself. If you already have a Smart Account and Virtual Account, this process will take about 5 minutes.

  • Option two, the Catalyst 8000V is more complex when it comes to the need for encryption performance over 250 Mbps. This requires an HSEC license, regulated by U.S. export procedures.

To get one of these options, you need to contact our experts directly, who can help you with this.

If you need help installing and configuring security products, and you do not yet have the necessary expertise, or if you want to get extended Cisco licenses, you can get help by filling out the form.



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