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Showcase our global reach and growth prospects together! The support of donors and volunteers is essential to our work in the country.

If you have technical knowledge and want to use it to help community initiatives, join our IT volunteers! Your work in the rear can help those who now need a free hand.


You can easily combine such assistance with your main activity and work, and you manage the amount of time, opportunities and working hours independently.

We encourage Ukrainian and international unions, associations, grant and donor funds, other relevant organizations of foreign countries, which can contribute to the fulfillment of tasks of our Fund, to unite with us.


We are ready to attract voluntary contributions and donations from Ukrainian and foreign individuals and legal entities, international organizations in the form of cash receipts both in national and foreign currency, property and other tangible assets from the technological industry to carry out charitable activities.


Material and human resources will allow us to invest in sustainable projects that support and maintain critical IT processes and expand the economic opportunities of Ukrainian organizations.

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