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Cybersecurity in wartime

Defending against cyberattacks

Fighting on the cyber front has become an integral part of warfare in the 21st century. The enemy, as well as dozens of available cyber groups, are stepping up in Ukraine, attacking the resources of strategic government institutions and ordinary individuals (e.g., data theft, which can be the source of valuable information). For business and strategic facilities to function, the first line of defense of information protection must be established quickly.

What is the first thing to do?

Endpoint Protection

The protection includes not only signature-based scanning, but also a behavioral analysis module, process containerization, agent-based web filtering, IPS, USB usage control, etc. EDR can also be added as needed.

Need help with endpoint protection?

Write us the number of workstations and servers that need to be protected. For how long you need protection? Is the management console needed locally or in the cloud?

Protecting Web Applications

Install Web Application Firewall to protect web applications from injections, exploitation of session storage vulnerabilities, XSS attacks, use of external XML entities and other attack vectors.

Need WAF?

Write us the number of web applications to be protected. For how long you need protection?

Email Security

Protect your email from phishing emails, spam emails, and a variety of malicious applications.

Need an Email Security setup?

Write us the number of e-mail boxes that need to be protected. For how long is protection needed? What is the email client?

DDoS Protection

DDoS attack is carried out to damage a site, application, or network. Its essence is to bombard a central server with packets or requests, causing it to overload and shut down. The requests are generated and sent from a large number of broken or under the control of the attacking sources. This is a very common method of attack, designed for the untrained user. In addition, it does not need a large monetary investment. Installing protection will help detect malicious intentions as early as the network perimeter and block them.

Need help with a DDoS attack?

Write us an address that is under DDoS attack.

Infrastructure Analytics

The solution includes:

  • User behavior analytics (UBA)

  • Network Diagnostics and Monitoring

  • Network Traffic Analysis

  • Log Management

  • Deception Technology

  • File Integrity Monitoring

  • Visual report builder

If you don`t have Infrastructure Analytics solution, write us the number of IPs in the infrastructure.

If you need help installing and configuring security products, and you do not yet have the necessary expertise, you can get help by filling out the form.



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