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Including certifications from Entry to Expert level, our IT team has the highest competencies from more than 50 vendors and can help you configure products from famous vendors like Cisco, VMware, Dell Technologies, Trellix (ex McAfee Enterprise), etc.


Protect your data center.

We will help in designing and creating a backup site and DRP (disaster recovery plan).

We will provide qualified support for the relocation of data centers to the new site (dismantling and installation of equipment on the new site, switching, adjustment of equipment).

Implementation and development of VMWare virtual infrastructure.

Let's help migrate the physical infrastructure to the virtual one.


We will increase controllability, scalability and reduce maintenance costs.

We will help with the restoration of the available server equipment and SZD.

Infrastructure migration to the cloud.

We will evaluate the resources and infrastructure for relocation.

We will help you choose the model of infrastructure placement in the cloud, taking into account the needs of business in the IT sphere, scalability, stable provision of all services.


Let's develop a plan for migrating data and services to the cloud.

Deployment and modernization of server infrastructure.

We will audit the infrastructure and optimize the data center architecture.

We will design and create computational clusters built on modern servers and fast SRS.


We will help in upgrading the existing server equipment and SZD.

Monitoring systems.

Monitoring of hardware and software infrastructure based on both open source software (Zabbix) and leading global corporate solutions.

Backup and restoration of the enterprise software complex and important information.

We will help protect critical data: formulate backup policies, tasks and regulations.

We offer instrumental implementation (software and hardware).


DDoS protection.

We will help to quickly stop the DDoS attack that is already happening on your information resources.

Protection of workstations and servers (Endpoint Security).

We will install and configure a modern set of tools (signature testing, behavioral analysis, containerization of running processes, web filtering, IPS, USB usage control, etc.) to protect employees' workstations and server infrastructure.

Email Security.

We will install and configure solutions to protect mail from phishing emails, spam and various malicious applications that can lead to infrastructure breaches.

Cybersecurity hygiene.

We will test employees for resistance to phishing attacks and further rapid training on cyberhygiene, methods of social engineering and modern vectors of attacks. An option with interactive testing for mastering the material is possible.

Critical service testing.

We will conduct a superficial test of the critical service for the possibility of its hacking, with recommendations for eliminating the vulnerabilities found.

Web Application Firewall (WAF).

​We will install and configure solutions to protect your web applications from injections, exploit session storage vulnerabilities, XSS attacks, use external XML entities, and other attack vectors.

Vulnerability scanning.

We will scan (possible both external and internal scanning) of your infrastructure for vulnerabilities with further categorization, validation and recommendations for their elimination.

Understanding what's going on in the infrastructure..

We will install and configure a set of tools (user behavior analysis, network diagnostics and monitoring, network traffic analysis, audit log management, trap technology, file integrity monitoring) that will allow us to understand in a short time what is happening in the infrastructure and how to stop unauthorized actions.


Corporate networks.

We will configure the work of the corporate network.

We organize remote access of employees to corporate services.

We will help increase the reliability and productivity of the corporate network.

Cisco Networking Service Support.

We will help with troubleshooting, software upgrades and hardware replacement.

Network security.

Configure protection against network attacks.

We organize protection of DNS, corporate mail and web traffic.

Let's introduce multifactor authorization to corporate network services.

Unified communications and video conferencing systems.

We organize convenient and secure corporate communications based on Cisco Webex.

Data Center Networks.

Configure the network infrastructure of the Data Center.

Connect backup data centers in the cloud to the corporate network.


Organization of the Support Service.

Quickly deploy the Service desk system, ready for use immediately (or provide cloud access).

Integration of software solutions.

Let's develop the optimal architectural solution for combining information flows between different systems.


Let's develop the integration of data and applications "to order".

Enterprise asset management.

We will set up a platform for managing assets, works, contractors and supply chains.


We will provide a tool for accounting for buildings, other facilities and resources.

We will help with planning the cost of maintenance and repair, provide control over the process of work.

Management of real estate and facilities.

Configure a platform for managing the maintenance of buildings, structures, space optimization.

We will provide management of lease contracts, service of tenants' areas.

Development of chatbots.

We will quickly provide automation of interaction with users.

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